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Bid On Me Fandom Trumps Hate!

Bid on my auction in FTH 2021!

Hey all! So, I’m doing Fandom Trumps Hate this year and so far I have one bid on my offer for fic and no bidders for my beta offer.

I’m kind of taking a break from the Buffyverse fandom, but I am offering Lucifer, the MCU, and fairy tales (I’m also including Norse and Greek myth in that category.) So, if you like one or more of those things (hey, I’m open to fusions and crossovers) and want someone to write a fun (or angsty, or both) little fic or poem about it in your honor, now’s your chance.

And I am offering to beta for any fandom or for original works, starting at only $5. 

Check out my offer here!

Bidding is open till 8pm EST tomorrow (Friday).

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some thoughts on the whole J*ss Wh*don thing

OK, so I knew J*ss Wh*don was a shit. How many people in this fandom can honestly say they had no inkling? And Ray Fisher’s testimony about what happened on the set of Justice League was both damning and extremely believable given what I’d already learned/came to suspect about Wh*don.

I was taking a break from online fandom when I learned about Fisher’s allegations, so I didn’t respond to them. But I came back, even knowing with increasing certainty that the creator of the show I love was an absolute fuck. 

What does that say about me?

And what does it say if I continue in this fandom?

I’m not saying that I’m leaving the fandom. I have a lot of WIPs on my hard drive (god, so many WIPs, y’all don’t even know) and I’d hoped to finish at least some of them. And, let’s face it, I’ve emotionally invested a lot in this show and its characters. And in the fandom itself. In the people I’ve met, the events I’ve participated in, etc.

I know the arguments in favor of staying. Wh*don didn’t create the show single-handedly, a lot of things I loved came from other writers, the cast, from directors, etc. But his mark on the show is undeniable. And of course you can say “Death of the Author” but I really think that’s more of a critical framework than a get out of jail free card for liking the works of problematic creators.

I also know that knowledge about a creator can and has changed how I feel about a work. I used to watch Woody Allen movies as a kid. My parents loved them and I did too. They don’t appeal to me now. My favorite song on the Space Jam soundtrack (I am such a child of the 90s) was “I Believe I Can Fly.” I used to listen to it and imagine that I actually could fly. It made me feel light, expansive, hopeful. It doesn’t make me feel that way anymore. And I’m not even going to go into the whole can of worms that is JK Rowling.

The list goes on (and on, and on).

I don’t know if I day will come when Buffy no longer brings me joy. Or when, like Woody Allen movies, I can no longer stand to watch it. It will always hold a complex place in my heart, with a lot of love, but also a lot of sorrow at the hypocrisy of its creator.

I’m not saying that there’s a clear moral answer here. I think there definitely isn’t. I couldn’t even begin to judge other fans for either staying in the fandom or for leaving it. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

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Spike Mood Board (Snowflake Challenge 14)

A mood board featuring the words "William the Bloody, Spike, Slayer of Slayers." Screenshots from BtVS include: Buffy and Spike's hands clasped and on fire, Spike in his red shirt with his head tilted back (after having jumped on a coffin in OMWF), and Spike and Buffy kissing (also OMWF). Other images include: a victorian living room, a graffitied subway tunnel, and a flame shooting sparks up into the air.

Challenge #14

In your own space, remix an existing work into a new media, and/or rec three or more remixes that do the same.

So for this challenge, I decided to do a mood board inspired by [ profile] womanaction's vid, Spike || Believer. That vid did a beautiful job weaving together Spike's backstory with who he is and how he progresses in the timeline of the show. So, the non-screenshot images are meant to symbolize key moments in that progression: his Victorian upbringing and the killing of the two slayers. I screencap'd the text directly from the vid and chose screenshots form the show based on moments I found particularly powerful within the vid itself.

This is my first time attempting this format, so please let me know what you think!

Image credits:
All screenshots taken from [ profile] HDBuffy 's digital remaster of the show.

Snowflake Challenge promotional banner featuring a purple candle surrounded by pine cones, pink berries and snowflakes. Text: Snowflake Challenge: 1-31 January.
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Snowflake Challenge 7: Create a Challenge

Snowflake Challenge promotional banner featuring a wrapped giftbox with a snowflake on the gift tag. Text: Snowflake Challenge January 1-31

 Challenge #7

In your own space, create your own challenge. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

It's my birthday, so I'm going to do a birthday themed challenge!

Create a fanwork (short fic, meta, vid, art, whatever) with the theme birthday. You can interpret this theme however you want. Maybe you want to write a fic about the fun, fluffy birthday party x character should have had. Or do a lost scene from a canonical birthday. Or muse on your canon's relationship to birthdays and rites of passage in general (ie. asking what Buffy's universally horrible birthdays might signify in a coming of age story.) Anything related to birthdays or other rites of passage is fair game! 

If you do wind up creating something and posting it to AO3, gifting it to me might be nice ([ profile] thewiggins) but that's obviously not obligatory. In any case, I'd love to see any works inspired by this challenge, so feel free to post links in the comments!

Bonus - optional fic prompt:
Include the words - ribbon, wish, frosting

There is no deadline on finishing this challenge. :)

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Reverse Charge Call (Giles/Ethan)

Summary: After the incident with Eyghon, Rupert's back with his parents and has almost got his life back on track. And then he gets a call from Ethan.
Words: 1637
Rating: Teen, for mild language and sexual reference
Note: Written for [personal profile] left_handed_moth who gave me the prompt "things you said over the phone" + Giles/Ethan back on Tumblr about 1,000,000 years ago. Sorry for the delay, but hope you like it! 
Beta'd by the amazing [personal profile] thenewbuzwuzz.
Also available on AO3 here.


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Six Sentence Sunday

So I'm gonna try to neglect my Dreamwidth and LJ a little less and actually post stuff here and not just Tumblr (to be fair I haven't exactly been making lots of quality content for Tumblr either lately.) So in that spirit: Six Sentence Sunday!

I’m trying to apply to MFA programs this year, so I’ve had to devote most of my writing time to non-fandom related work. But I haven’t forgotten or abandoned my angsty Season 2 vampire!Buffy WIP. Here’s a little snippet from my most recent scene from Anywhere But Here (which admittedly I last worked on weeks ago). This story will be finished some day, I swear!

(Note: the scene takes place at the mansion and is in Spike’s POV.)

Afternoon sunlight was slanting in from the courtyard, half-blinding, painting the room in light and dark. That was good, he reminded himself. It meant that when they got to his car they’d be fine, in the clear, or nearly so. Even if Angelus and Dru peeled away from each other within the next hour or two (unlikely) or were informed of he and Buffy’s disappearance by some poor minion (much more likely), they’d have a hell of a time tracking in daylight.

He wheeled to where Buffy was slumped in the permanent shadows of the back of the hall—sleeping soundly for once—head on her knees, hair limp across her face.


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Anywhere But Here: Carnival Dream

Rating: M
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Characters: Spike, Buffy, Angelus
Summary: Spike has a very strange dream about the Venetian Carnival which happens to give him some unwanted insights on his feelings for Buffy.
So I wrote this for the currently running Dark Carnival round of Seasonal Spuffy. It's a continuation of my story Anywhere But Here, the first chapter of which can be found at AO3 and Elysian Fields, and takes place just a bit later that day.
But to read it all you really need to know is that it's set in Season 2, Spike's still in the chair, Buffy's been both imprisoned and turned by Angelus (but still has her soul), and Spike just entered into an agreement with her to help her escape -- although he's convinced himself he only wants to do that so she can kill Angelus and he can get Dru back.
Ultimately, this will go into a chapter with a bit more context before and after, but I think it kinda works as a short fic in its own right.
Beta'd by [personal profile] thenewbuzwuzz who's feedback led inspired some of my favorite bits in here.
Any and all feedback always welcomed!
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You Must Remember

Originally posted by the_wiggins at You Must Remember
Title: You Must Remeber
Author: the_wiggins
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer of Angel.
Summary: It's a Casablanca inspired Buffy fic! Set in an alternate 2017. Things haven't been going well in the Buffyverse. Spike and Buffy shared a wonderful summer a couple years ago, but he vanished suddenly just before Buffy recieved an terrible injury at the hands of the Scourge (the demon Nazis from Angel's Hero). Now she's running a nightclub and trying to forget about him. But, of course, things aren't going to be so easy.
Word Count: 1409
Author's Note: t I'm a total fandom newb, and this is my first story for Seasonal Spuffy, hope I'm posting it right. Really it's more of a vignette, or the begining of a story. I wanted to write more but have had crazy life stuff going on including moving and a (relatively minor) surgery! Despite it now being as finished as it could be, I'm fairly happy with some of what's here, and I was determined to post something regardless. I do have more planned out though, and will try to continue it very soon. Please let me know what you think, any feedback (including constructive criticism) is much appreciated. Not beta'd, so I appologize for any mistakes.

Buffy sighed and leaned heavily onto the bar. Mr. Pointy was crowded tonight, a energetic crowd that was about a fifty percent split between humans and demons. Earlier in her life this would have horrified her, but at this point she knew enough to understand that most of these demons weren't any more dangerous than your average human, and that there were some humans among the patrons who had done enough evil for all the demons combined. Oh, some of the demons were murderous fiends, sure. In fact, Grevlar of the Unnecessary Violence was sitting on a plush leather bench making jovial small talk with a female Paycura demon and laughing heartily at his own anecdote, something to do with his many gruesome murders, Buffy was sure. The Paycura demon looked a little bored, but Buffy hoped that she was interested enough to take Grevlar home. She knew for a fact that female Paycura laid their eggs in the chest cavities of their mates. It was a nice thought. But demons like Grevlar were the least of her worries these days.
Grevlar had killed hundreds, if not thousands of innocents over the course of his long life, but he'd worked with an almost methodical slowness, playing by old rules. He couldn't equal the death toll that a single sharply dressed lawyer, such as the one sitting just down the bar from Buffy, was responsible for. Oh not directly, at least not entirely directly. You could kill so much more efficiently when you didn't have to personally end each life by hand. And so Wolfram and Hart put even legendary killers like Grevlar to shame. Them and The Scourge. And who could have foreseen that unholy marriage of evil? Buffy sighed and reminded herself that none of that was her business anymore. She wasn't The Slayer with a capital "The". She was just a slayer, no capital needed, and now she was barely even that. It wasn't her place in the world to worry about such things. It would have been hard to imagine five years ago that she'd find herself part owner of a bar, let alone a bar with such a, well, diverse clientele. She'd pretty much figured that the whole slaying thing was basically her gig for life. Kendra had said that slaying wasn't a job, it was what you were. And that had been true she supposed. She was still a slayer. But the actual work of slaying? Yes, it could be given up. Not easily, but it could be done. Besides, even if somehow she could go back to slaying, she thought, looking around the bar with dismay, where would she even start?
"Hey Goldilocks." A tired voice interpreted her musings. Buffy jumped a little in her chair, startled, but recognized the voice and the familiar nickname instantly.
"Hey Lorne." Buffy said, turning her chair. Lorne looked worn out. Of course he always looked tired lately. But today he looked especially so. Reddish circles under his eyes stood out garish against his bright green skin, which Buffy thought looked a little sallow.
Lorne leaned against the bar and spoke to the bartender in that way of his that always made it seem like he was taking you into his confidence, no matter how trivial what he was actually saying was.
"Sea-breeze. Make it double. And not too heavy on the juice this time. Ah, thanks Renaldo, you're a treasure." He sighed contentedly as the tall glass, which indeed had only enough juice to color it slightly, was passed to him, taking a deep pull through the neon pink straw.
"How are you tonight?" Buffy heard the concern in her voice. "You look a little tired."
"Oh, you know carrying on." He smiled a small, smile that looked a little forced, yet carried genuine warmth. "Couldn't be better really. And how's my little canary?"
"Me? Oh, great. Fantastic even. You know. Bar's busy. Lots of people and..." Buffy glanced at Lorne's green skin and horns " more people, that is people of the non-human variety, here."
"That's not what I was asking sweet-cheeks and you know it."
"Yeah, well, you know how the rest of it is. It's alright. As you say, carrying on. Oh! Are you singing tonight?" She asked, in a blatant change of subject. Lorne had been adamant that the bar was to have no vocal performances whatsoever. So there was plenty of canned music, as well as DJs and electronic artists, but no vocal artist and certainly no karaoke. None one sang except Lorne himself. Buffy loved to hear Lorne sing. It transformed him. He seemed more alive, more vibrant. Buffy was never sure if it was a part of his powers or just a talent, but he seemed to be able to beam the emotions of the song directly out into the audience. On weeknights they didn't have an act scheduled, he'd often do a whole set. The patrons loved him. But on an increasing number of nights he would simply sit in his table in the corner, silently drinking and looking out into the crowd with morose eyes. Often he and Buffy would drink together, hardly speaking, merely taking some kind of comfort in each other's presence.
"Sing?" He sounded distracted. "I can probably get a song or too out." He managed a wry smile. "We'll see how I feel after I finish this delightful concoction."
Buffy laughed, but felt guilty for laughing. Lorne joked about his drinking, but she was begging to be truly concerned. But who was she to talk? She drank barely less than he did. Owning and spending a bunch of time in a club did that to you she supposed. Yes, that was definitely the only reason, she told herself firmly.
"Alright trooper, well, you stay here and man the fort, I'm gonna go schmooze with those guys over there."
When Lorne could bring himself to interact with anyone,he was great with the customers, Buffy couldn't deny that. While he had his silent, morose phases, he generally was friendly and personable with a gift for making everyone who stepped into the club feel wanted. Though Buffy thought that there were certain individuals she wished he wouldn't make feel quite so wanted. Of course she knew that it wouldn't do to anger the Scourge. But did they have to come here? At least no Scourge officers had chosen to patronize the club tonight, thank god.

An hour or two later, Buffy was nursing a drink (Her third or fourth? It couldn't possibly be her fifth.) and staring morosely out into the club. The Paycura demon had taken Grevlar home. And good for her, Buffy thought. And then she heard it.
"You must remember this..." The familiar words were magnified and jarringly pumped throughout the club by their excellent sound system. No. He knew. Why would Lorne do this? She rose abruptly, barely noticing her chair clatter to the floor. She could worry about it later. She strode purposefully to the dimly lit room to the left of the bar. Lorne was on stage, his eyes closed, an expression of wrapped concentration on his face.
" just a sigh. All the fundamental things..."
"Lorne!" Lorne stopped abruptly, guiltily. The background music continued as the sound guy scrambled desperately to kill it. "I thought I told you never to..."
The music abruptly stopped and Buffy's voice sounded painfully loud. "...sing that song." Her voice trailed off to barely above a whisper as all head turned to her and she noticed Lorne's expression. His red eyes were open wide and he was arcing an eyebrow and jerking his head to the left side of the dance floor. She followed the motion of Lorne's gesture, and it lead her straight to... No. The figure in the dark corner of the floor was wearing a long black coat, yes. And his slick hair was probably pale blond, though now it was reflecting the purple glow of a jell tinted spotlight. And yes, something in his posture as he leaned against that post seemed terribly familiar. But she'd seen him so many times before and been wrong every time. It was hard to make out the face in this light. His eyes were on her, but everyone's eyes were on her right now. And the he smiled (and how dare he smile?) and Buffy knew. Spike had come.